Thursday, December 07, 2006

shorter IN touch

IN touch is the indystar's "other" group blog. expresso is the group blog for the ed board (so unsurprisingly, the discourse there is the best of the star group blogs), and fresh thoughts is the group blog for high schoolers and college kids. that leaves IN touch, which is the blog for... well, i'm not really sure who. the standards to be included on the blog must not be very high, considering the past participation of people like john sorg and jocelyn-tandy adande.

sure, several of the IN touch bloggers are eminently reasonable people. unfortunately, they often get drowned out by the silliness of their co-bloggers. here is what passes for discourse on IN touch:

shorter becky reynolds: john bolton is santa claus and democrats are the grinch.

shorter annette magjuka: it makes me uncomfortable when i'm getting takeout and there's a "tip" line on my receipt. restaurants should change their cash registers to accomodate me.

shorter mark shere: america rules. syria, russia, france, venezuela, the sudan, and the congo can all suck it.

shorter dr tim story: women talk too much.

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Anonymous said...

needless to say the tip thing pisses me off, not just because the fact she even bothered to mention it was absud but the fact she thinks there is zero work in preparing her carry out meal at Bucca's is worse. get a grip, you think that stuff ends up in those night containers by magic??