Saturday, January 14, 2006

hard work

yesterday my boss called me into her office to mention that she had stopped by my blog and noticed a number of entries that appeared to have been posted during working hours. i guess this is the price i pay for fame: nobody at the office would know about this website or alias if i had not achieved some modest success (and more importantly, press coverage) for my musical and artistic endeavors. so i'm just famous enough to get me into trouble, but not enough to, say, sell many records.

it wouldn't even be an issue, except in the past few months my performance at work has suffered a bit. i've sometimes made more mistakes than i should, and i haven't been quite as productive as the company would like me to be. if i were busting out pages with the quickness and exceeding my goals, nobody would give a damn whether i was blogging during my breaks or downtime, but i'm not, so they do. anyway, she suggested that my blogging during office hours might be one of the factors that is negatively affecting my performance, and recommended that i should curtail that activity—a perfectly fair and reasonable request.

so in the coming months, expect to see fewer, shorter posts during "office hours". it's possible i might occasionally post some short blurb if i find something particularly interesting, but the longer, more detailed posts and analysis will have to wait until i am at home or elsewhere. of course, my evenings are already split between tivo, civilization, hot sex with my girlfriend, and any ongoing musical/artistic projects (and there are always at least two of those), so it's likely that this means i won't be posting quite as much as you are used to. c'est la vie. but i assure you: i will at least try to pop in and post every couple of days.

and don't worry: i'm not about to get fired. i'm still months away from that point. i work for a multinational corporation, after all, and just as it's difficult to get approval to hire new employees, it's not easy to fire people either. so don't cry for me. i'll still be around, and i'll still be employed. i just won't be blogging from the office so much.


Doug said...

You could probably just alter the timestamps. :)

Anonymous said...

you could have "hot sex with your girlfriend" during office hours to boost your motivation and speed. Then blog when you get home.