Friday, January 20, 2006

broken music

just got back from the second muncie noise show in as many months. it's great that all these free noise shows are going on at the tally, but kind of weird because i keep thinking "why isn't indy having very many noise shows?" hell, muncie only has a few music venues in town, and these shows are in the ball state student center, fercrissake.

stream of consciousness review because i don't have time for full thoughts

being: noise suitcase, awash in waves of static
nor mountain man: sweet saxophone, electronics, and delay, much delay
evolve: rhymes + rough beats meets noisy collage, scratchin' for scratchin's sake
bobby vomit: meta-turntablism: what is the sound of a record player with no record?
realicide: guttural growls and oh so much feedback
piasa: sparks fly from a handful of tape measures like a cat of nine tails, broken glass and two metal plates in an old washtub


B0BBY V0MIT said...

some hot fuckin shit here past is old but i am just now reading good news is bad news newspeak

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