Sunday, January 01, 2006


first post of the new year! my vacation is almost over. i go back to work on tuesday and will probably start getting more productive shortly thereafter. virago goes back to classes real soon, too. happy new year greetings to everyone and all that.

last night we trekked over to big car for their bohemian new year festivities, which doubled as a fundraiser for the gallery. it was $20 for a couple, including food and beer/wine (we got 3 drink tickets per admission).

first we caught a performance by actuel, a local who does some kind of rhtymic idm. it was pretty decent. i commented to virago that actuel looks like he works in a record store, but i wasn't certain whether it's because i've actually seen him working at a record store (indy cd?) or whether he just has that "record store employee" look.

a bit later, shiny black shirt performed, doing a live soundtrack to an old cutup gene autry film. jim walker (exec director of the gallery) explained it was some sort of cowboy meets space aliens movie. lots of cheesy footage, including a great shot of a man on fire lying in the grass. the soundtrack was pretty entertaining as well.

immediately after shiny black shirt came the breakdancers. they were the finalists of the recent breakdancing competition at united states of mind. there were 5 or 6 of them and they popped & locked for several minutes, with lots of headstands and, near the end, bunches of windmills. it was entertaining and definitely not yor standard new year fare.

by this point it was about 11:30 and our drink tickets were all used up. rather than stick around until midnight, we opted to come back to apartment early and watched the ball drop on tv, flipping between the broadcast networks. dick clark was back, but man, he sounded sick. but i guess he was at least well enough to broadcast, which is better than the alternative.

now 2006 is upon us. tomorrow maybe we'll take advantage of the last day of my vacation and go see brokeback mountain, which is now playing at the landmark (it wasn't supposed to start until jan 13, but has been doing so well in other cities that they moved it up to last wednesday, 12/28).

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