Tuesday, January 31, 2006

your congress at work

good times with wikipedia. following up on my previous post, here are some examples of what congressional staffers have been doing on wikipedia while they're at work. i'm so glad that wikipedia did most of the work for me and i only need to browse through the RFC to find juiciness.

scott mcclellan is a douche.

tom coburn was voted "most annoying senator" as well as "most likely to get his arse kicked by hill a hill staffer over recess", because he "suck[s] at life."

worst president ever

removing references to the abramoff scandal

perhaps "moderate" david hobson's constituents wouldn't like his support of stem cell research?

mike flaherty, whoever that is, is bald. or maybe not.

phil gramm's staff doesn't want you to know he thinks all poor people are fat

cleansing rick renzi's entry (over and over again)

did bill o'reilly really play college football?

thoroughly scrubbing trent franks's entry

deleting darrel issa's support for hezbollah

replacing bill pascrell's bio with "a carbon copy of the bio on pascrell's site"

kairos = "any act of gayness or homoerotic touching"... watch out for "apple coring"

i guess christmas trees don't look so much like cannabis plants after all

did the ficus get more votes than rodney frelinghuysen?

does the first amendment protect knitting at work? (if only it also protected blogging at work)

does mark green have a close relationship with tom delay?

mary landrieu won't apologize for threatening to punch the prez, but apparently doesn't want it in wikipedia

more hurricane katrina hijinks from bill jefferson

lots more fun with eric cantor (i got the IP address wrong in last night's post)

bill frist fun

scrubbing david dreier's entry (why isn't he majority leader? is it 'cause he's gay?)

boo-berry is not "too jewish" for americans. but it is "the most delicious" of the monster cereals!

a dispute between frat brothers leads to much munching of tool and some "serious hardcore anal"

jim ramstad's staffer noah is "the best ever!"

computer science students at notre dame apparently spend a lot of time mastering "oregon trail"

someone in the congressional offices is obsessed with masturbation (and kaila yu's porn career)

accusations of socialism

fudging the facts on the iraq-al qaeda connection

gary ackerman's entry is replaced with his official bio

nothing too interesting here, but some staffer edited the entry for august 5 (my birthday)

...all that and i only got back as far as july. there were plenty of good edits, too; not everyone using congressional IP addresses is editing in bad faith. bad faith edits tended to favor republicans, but there was some pro-democratic editing too. and virtually all of the bad faith edits listed here have been reverted. still, browsing through how congressional staff try to revise public information resources makes for some interesting reading.

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