Wednesday, May 11, 2005


not enough energy for analysis, but some crazy stuff is going on recently... if you were to hold a "hypocrite of the week" contest, you would have some serious competition on your hands.

maybe you would want to pick spokane mayor jim west, who has made a career of anti-gay legislation, and who is now wrapped up in a huge sex scandal. west spent a lot of time in gay chatrooms like, gave jobs to young men he hoped to seduce, and was caught having cybersex with someone he thought was a high-school-aged boy (which is a crime even though it was not in fact a teenager). americablog has lots more coverage.

on a normal news week, he'd be a shoe-in. but syntax has found more. how about the anti-abortion extremist who recently admitted to practicing bestiality in his youth? (syntax even found the audio)

or how about hilary rosen, former head of the RIAA and die-hard advocate of DRM, copyright protections, lawsuits against file-sharers, etc... who has a post on the huffington post lamenting the ipod's DRM. can it be that hilary finally realized that the crusade she led to lock down content actually harms consumers?

who would you vote for?