Wednesday, May 18, 2005

detritus blog!

as of today, i am officially a contributor to the detritus blog. i just finished my first post, about how companies such as lucasarts engage fans and fan-generated art (fan fiction, fan films, etc). is an old-school site "about making new creative works out of old ones, whether it be fine art or pop culture." in addition to hosting the rumori mailing list, detritus also hosts the websites of illegal art and great "plunderphonic" artists such as the evolution control committee, people like us, and wobbly. so it's legit.

the blog is still in beta stage, and there hasn't been a ton of discussion there (my post was the first in a couple months), but as the blog evolves hopefully it'll turn into something pretty special. it's a great site that has probably been floundering a bit, as founder steev hise has been traveling extensively and just doesn't have the time to do it all himself. he wants to transform the site into something more community-based and -oriented, and the blog is perhaps the first major step there (as well as adding new contributing bloggers like me).

my posts there probably won't have as much snark as some of my posts here (or at least as not as much obscenity!), but if you're interested in intellectual property issues and "making new creative works out of old ones", check it out... i likely won't post about that stuff as often here on my blog in the future, but that doesn't mean i'll be blogging about those less in general (it'll probably be more, just over at the detritus blog instead).

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