Wednesday, May 04, 2005

are you now or have you ever been a member of the public broadcasting system?

digby has an explosive revelation regarding the new GOP effort to republicanize public broadcasting, which i posted about yesterday.

this story gets more outrageous the more you learn about it. i thought it was bad when i read the times article about tomlinson and how he plans to eliminate liberal bias by replacing it with conservative bias. when i read the mediamatters article pointing out that both of pbs's new ombudsmen were anything but the unbiased types you would want as ombudsmen, i realized it was even worse.

now we learn just how non-unbiased these ombudsmen are: one of them, william schulz, has ties to mccarthyism!

turns out that schulz, that paragon of objectivity, used to ghost-write a newspaper column for fulton lewis, jr, a mccarthy sympathizer/enabler/conspirator/apologist.

they appointed an ex-mccarthyite as a "designated neutral" who "strives for objectivity and impartiality." that's sure to clean that liberal bias right up!

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