Saturday, May 07, 2005


you probably noticed i've been using boldface pretty heavily since the last redesign. yeah, yeah, i generally wouldn't let any of my authors get away with using bold for emphasis. (of course, i also make my authors capitalize the first words of sentences, etc.) italics is the standard for non-plaintext emphasism, and it was totally sufficient for me for many months.

the fact is that i'm still in love with my new color scheme. i particularly like my new contrast color (#ccccff), which is used for headings and right-column (or blockquote) hyperlink mouseovers. i also applied it to the <b> tag, so that all bold text would have the second color, and it turned out fantastic. why would i want to use crappy ass italics when i can use badass second-color bold?

content and form are interdependent. content should dictate form (otherwise you get crappy form that doesn't match the content). and form should to at least some degree affect content as well. i also like the strikethrough convention some blogs use for corrections (atrios uses this to very good effect); i might add strikethrough to my own stylesheet someday. (the <s> tag is deprecated so i won't use it.)

i didn't really think i needed to post to explain a minor style issue, but i just love me some #ccccff.

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