Thursday, February 24, 2005

tattoo pics!

if you've been following along, you already know that connie was here a couple weeks back.

on valentine's day, connie & drove up to muncie so she could get a new tattoo (we chose that date because she was returning home the next day, not because tattooing is particularly romantic). she had it done by bad taste artist, awia member, and tattooist extraodinaire bobby vomit. afterward we went on a double date with bobby & bella.

when connie originally told me that she wanted something themed around indiana (and corn in particular), i knew bobby vomit would flip over the idea because he's all about that stuff. and the final design even incorporates the awia logo: bobby & i concluded that it is the first ever animals within animals tattoo. so naturally i had to post photos as soon as i got them!

these pics are super fresh: taken at the tattoo shop (ground zero in muncie) immediately after it was finished.

click the pic for a larger version (1632x1232)

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