Monday, February 28, 2005

the old switcheroo

tonight i opened up the new computer case & did three last things:
  1. replaced barry's video card with my new video card
  2. installed second hard drive (which i had just removed from old computer)
  3. flipped HDD LED connector on motherboard (since HDD LED wasn't working before)

and that's it! my new computer is completely assembled. then i cleaned out my computer work area here in the studio and set it all up: hooked the tv signal into my video card (using composite connections rather than the coax i was using before) and hooked the sound card into my rig and my stereo.

the case i picked is so handsome... sleek and black with cute little blue LEDs.

i still have a lot of software to install, so i'm not done just yet, but a major milestone has been reached and the rest is cake.

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