Tuesday, February 22, 2005

hoosier daddy?

indiana state senate passes gay-marriage ban... by a ridiculous 42-8 vote! come on now: we have a lot of homophobic rednecks in the state but it's not 84% homophobes!

fortunately, really discriminating against some--and doing it right--takes years to accomplish.

The Indiana Senate voted overwhelmingly Monday to make a ban on same-sex marriages a part of the state constitution, shipping the controversial issue to the House.

Senate Joint Resolution 7 was approved 42-8 after a brief debate. The measure is expected to pass the House easily, too.

After that, the always-emotional issue must be set aside. Amending the state constitution requires a second vote by a separately elected legislature, which could happen no earlier than 2007. Then the amendment would have to be approved by voters statewide, in November 2008 at the earliest.

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