Saturday, February 26, 2005

parts is parts

everything but my video card arrived early! my new computer is mostly built, except for the following:
  • sound card not installed (i do have it, but haven't opened it yet)
  • video card not installed (see above, though maybe i could hook up barry's card until mine arrives; then i could start installing OS & other software at least)
  • fans not hooked up to power supply (this will take all of 30 seconds once i figure out where to plug what)
  • second hard drive not installed (it's still in this computer & i don't plan to take it out until i'm ready to replace this one: i'm thinking monday or possibly tuesday)
  • ????? (there could be something i'm missing or did wrong, but i can't think of it if so... we'll see what happens when i eventually power up that bad boy)

and i did it all myself, with no help from my hardware-certified brother-in-law (though i did ask him one question and might ask a couple more, or have him run an inspection once i've hooked everything up)

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