Monday, October 11, 2004

when it rains it snows pt. 4

if you haven't checked out the news page recently, you might not be aware that i have two halloween shows coming up! on october 30th (saturday) i'll be playing a family-friendly event at bubba's in downtown indy, with costumes and decorations, hosted by "elvira" (but not the elvira). great big long lineup for that show; maybe i can convince some of my friends to bring their kids to this... and then on halloween itself, i'm playing a show at radio radio with locals lunar event and national touring band asobi sexsu. that will be a shoegazery kind of show. i hope to have new halloween-themed material ready for both shows, so that's two chances to get your dose of mangled media this halloween!

on top of that, just two months after i got my picture in INtake for that "mixed messages" playlist thingy, i will now apparently get a full artist profile in INtake's october 28 issue. the reporter, jessica halverson, just left my house 1/2 hour ago. she seemed well prepared; at least she'd spent enough time on this site to know what to ask about: software, bad taste, copyright issues, sampling, databending, awia, "we will iraq you"... i think we hit most of the good points. the interview lasted an hour or more; her 45-minute tape ran out before we were done. then she took a few photos of me wearing the special awia "cow head" t-shirt that zoke sent me: one of two such shirts in existence. so if you haven't seen that shirt, you might get a chance when the piece runs in a couple weeks.

and it's possible my name will pop up elsewhere in that issue, since either or both of my halloween shows could conceivably make imn's top 10 list, which INTake carries. (the fact that i'm playing those shows is almost certainly why i'm being profiled now anyway, so good promotion for me and for the shows.)

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