Wednesday, October 20, 2004

when in hell, do as the zombies do

last night drbmd & i finally made it out to see shaun of the dead. i wasn't blown away or anything, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. before the movie we had drinks & partook of the complimentary happy-hour taco bar at don pablo's. nummy.

i just received my personal copies of the brand new compilation from tokyo-based lost frog: hell. this is a great comp with new unreleased tracks by animals within animals, panicsville, five starcle men, kingdom scum, and many more. see for more info, and how to order. i've been listening to secret sneak-preview mp3s for awhile now so trust me when i say the cd sounds good... now that i have a physical copy, i can assure you it looks good too!

lost frog has also posted a new, corrected version of the cover art pdf for the animals within animals mp3ep get me some press or kill these people. so if you've already downloaded that release, go get the updated cover art. & if you haven't downloaded the release, what are you waiting for? it's free, dammit! frizzee!

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