Thursday, October 21, 2004

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i would've posted this monday if i'd thought of it:

if you're interested in last week's episode of press the button, with guests stAllio!, tfy, jack smiley, ryan from thursday club, & more, the quickest way to hear it (in fact the only sure way) is to download the 56k archive mp3 from hopefully every man will post a higher-quality version, but i don't count on him doing that right away if he gets around to it at all (frankly, he has many hours of rr recordings to sift through & possibly encode).

if you want to download this file, it's important to do so this week because the archive will be replaced after the next episode of ptb sunday night. so do it now!

[update: tfy points out in the comments that 160kbps stereo mp3s of the show are now available. it sounds better in stereo.]

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