Sunday, October 03, 2004

star letters

i've been browsing the online editorial section of the indystar, looking to see if they've printed my letter. i don't see mine there, but let's look at the "headlines" for today's letters that are there:
  • Kerry's uncertain position on Saddam
  • Kerry insults allies, but wants more?
  • Kerry enthusiastically supports abortion (as you might guess, this one is anti-kerry, though it's also anti-war)
  • 'Boondocks' exposes campaign irony (the pseudo-irony is that aaron mcgruder is partisan. 4 more years bitch!)
  • Black Catholic will vote for President Bush
  • Terrorists, not Bush, are the warmongers
  • Left-wing wire stories passed off as factual
  • Our children wouldn't be safer under Kerry (this one uses the word "euro-skepticism"!)
  • You can't lump all baby boomers together (aka "i'm seceding from the hippies")

and that's virtually all the letters re: the presidential election. there is only one anti-bush letter on the page ("'Alpha male' column offensive to women"), and it doesn't even mention kerry.

on top of it all, there is only one pro-kernan letter (dem candidate for gov), compared to four pro-daniels (gop bush lapdog opponent) or anti-kernan letters, one anti-julia carson letter (dem rep for my district), and one "don't unplug terry schiavo" letter. the others are about spaceship one and local issues.

what's going on? i always though the editor was supposed to choose letters from a variety of opinions... but there's no diversity of opinion on that letter page: it's straight bush/daniels all the way. that's disgusting! i know indiana is a "red state" and the star is well known to be a conservative paper, but give me a break.

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