Saturday, June 05, 2004

yay! i love my new quote blocks! so here's more news just so i can play around with them more (i'm simply not going to go back & edit all my old blog entries to use the new quote blocks, nosir.)

former president ronald reagan died today. if you're even loosely in touch with US news, you knew that already. but when looking at google news for stories, i found the angle of this cbs story to be interesting (this was the top reagan story when i looked):

No reporter knew Ronald and Nancy Reagan like Mike Wallace did.

This Sunday, on 60 Minutes, Wallace looks back at his interview with the Reagans at their beloved ranch in California, and at his special interview with the former first lady done just a few years ago.

In it, Nancy Reagan talks about living with the president in his final years, watching her husband deal with Alzheimer’s disease.

She told Wallace she can tell immediately when disease has him in its grips: "A different look in the eyes," she said. "A whole different look. You know, it really... it's been said often, of course, and it's true, it really is the long, long goodbye."

the man has only been dead a few hours, but already the lead of the top cbs story is about how fucking awesome their 60 minutes tribute to him will be.

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