Thursday, June 17, 2004

i am pretty tired. & i think i might be the slightest bit hung over (it's hard to tell if the shadow of a headache i have this morning is from sheer exhaustion or from the 4-5 ciders and 3 buttery nipples. probably both).

doors opened at 10 & we listened to the dekoy cd. it's synthpop. i don't like synthpop. so i didn't really like the dekoy cd. but copper top seems pretty into it, so it's probably good for that style. plus it's totally self-released & self-distributed. nuff said.

next up, at 11:15 or so, was fission 451. his set was described as "psy-trance". i don't like trance. so i didn't really like fission 451. but out of all the performances, he was the only one who had people dancing, so he has that going for him. nuff said.

telephone from minneapolis went on around 12:30. they're electropop or electroclash or technopop or something like that. i'm not much of a follower of those styles either, but i definitely enjoyed their set. & not just because lolly pop (the vocalist) is hecka hot. total eye candy, but on top of that she's charming, outgoing, & has plenty of charisma (very helpful if you're "frontin'" a musical act). on stage with her was dj dynamo, busting out the turntable skills (at one point drbmd said "that's the quietest scratching i've ever heard" but i thought he said "whitest", so that was amusing).

i finally took the stage at something like 1:45 (45 minutes past my usual bedtime, which is itself probably much too late). because this was essentially a new crowd (& because the other acts were all far more accessible than i), i opted to focus primarily on playing some studio tracks, with freeform improv noise in between tracks (as opposed to, say, my set at rr8 where the whole performance was freeform improv noise). i had borrowed a portable cd player from my niece's friend (both of whom are visiting us from sacramento) so that i could have 2 working cd players instead of just one... & i wanted to record the set to minidisc but i couldn't find another 1/8" to rca cable with which to hook up the md recorder (i don't know why; i was pretty certain i'd packed two such cables). there were a couple minor technical issues (like misplacing one of my cds, or somehow accidentally switching my numark cd deck to "free wheel" mode & not knowing how to switch back), but i don't think anyone else would have noticed. attendance wasn't that great overall (maybe 30-40 at most?), & by that hour half the crowd had left anyway, but some of the few who were still there seemed to enjoy it... particularly lolly pop.

it was late, i was pretty buzzed, & i didn't really keep track, but here is a setlist compiled from memory: it's probably at least a little out of order & i might have forgotten a track, but whatever:

blue screen of death
live-in butler
ludacris remix
critical stop
we will iraq you
skin to win
discount dysentery
security disruptor
open as raw

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