Saturday, June 12, 2004

rr8 bent picture gallery

after i posted my picture gallery from rr8, EM asked me to photoshop them, to create something out of them. rather than make them into a collage i decided to "databend" some of the photos instead. i opened the jpgs in photoshop, saved them to an uncompressed format (most were PSD, a couple were TIF, & you can definitely tell the difference), opened the files in soundforge, edited them, & crossed my fingers that the edits wouldn't break the files (i have some experience tinkering with this, but i still have to "eyeball" edit & PSD files can be very fragile if you edit the header or layer information accidentally).

some files bent more easily (or more "beautifully") than others. i would keep editing until i found something i liked (often requiring many attempts, as a file would break or the image would become so corrupted i couldn't do anything more to it), or until it became apparent that image wasn't going to do anything interesting. a few times when the latter happened, i tried it with TIF, but i don't think bent TIFs are really as interesting... a couple of them really surprised me (i wish i knew ptbrr-6 & rr10 bent the way they did, i really wish i did).

anyway, here is the bent picture gallery.

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