Tuesday, May 04, 2004

urg... tough choices.

so enduser is returning to dnb night tonight at the melody inn. i would love to go there & support sonicterror.

but there's a conflict. specifically, tonight is the first ever indy performance by the genitorturers at birdy's.

up through this morning, i figured i would go see enduser (even though i just saw him at the melody on march 27). but now i'm beginning to think that i really should go see the genitorturers.

pros: it's just $5, i know i will enjoy all the music, and i know the guy personally so it would be good to show my continuing support.

cons: i have seen him within the last 6 weeks, and have probably seen all the other djs who'll be performing as well. plus, it's basically just a bunch of dudes standing in front of laptops or turntables... good music but not too exciting to watch.

the genitorturers:
pros: i've never seen them before, i'm interested in checking out the venue (never been there before), and there will be crazy fetish people galavanting around stage half nude & doing god knows what onstage (much more fun to watch than a guy with a laptop). plus, i might know more people there.

cons: it's $12 ($7 more than enduser), and no matter how much i love their stage show, the music will probably be kinda cheesy, at least for my taste.

so.... great music with no stage show, or great stage show with cheesy (but not intolerable) music? that's a tough call. all other things being equal, i would probably pick enduser. but since i've seen him play a few times, including recently, & i've never seen the genitorturers, i think i need to pick them. i might be disappointed in the long run, but there's only one way to know...

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