Tuesday, May 04, 2004

just got a surprising email from unszene:

dude, i think it was because you posted a link to my page that fucking MATMOS contacted me for buttons!!!! holy shit!!!

for some of you, matmos needs no introduction. for the uninitiated, let's just say that they're about as popular as you can be & still be somewhat experimental. so to me or unszene, they're a "big name", though the average american has surely never heard of them.

i've never had any direct contact with the guys at matmos so that was a bit of a surprise, if indeed they found the link here (the only other explanation is that connie took one flier for unszene's buttons to san francisco... where did you leave that again, connie?). i guess it's not a huge shock, since i'm only two degrees separated from matmos (having met lesser and wobbly during my last trip to the bay, and having given both of them copies of maura's milk chocolate bath), but a pleasant surprise nonetheless. it's comforting to think that people (other than my close friends) are actually coming to the site and getting something useful out of it.

and since i'm thinking of going back to the bay in august, maybe i really should contact those matmos boys... it would be cool to hook up or even set up a show out there.

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