Saturday, May 15, 2004

there are a lot of unanswered questions about the decapitation video of nick berg... like the peculiar editing (which suggests the use of two cameras & editing equipment), allegedly "western" mannerisms of the captors, the orange jumpsuit, the relative lack of blood (& berg's calmness)... not to mention the bigger questions like how berg would've fallen into terrorist captivity just after being released, the fact that the govt says berg was never in US custody but berg himself told several people he was, the peculiar connection between berg and zacarias moussaoui, etc. i could go on but i could never catalog them as thoroughly as some.

a lot of bloggers are suspicious. it's also interesting to read the comments at some blogs... once the right-wing catches on to a blog, a swarm of haters flood in & begin to drown the debate in name-calling & ad hominem attacks. obviously the nature of blogging (a sort of "grid journalism") means some false leads will be followed (such as the "bulletproof vests" which are actually ak47 ammo vests) & some questionable theories will come up, but there is definitely something fishy about what we've heard so far.

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