Tuesday, May 11, 2004

i received my total for the t-shirts this morning! so it's all good. and when i called & left a voicemail to request a minor correction to my order, my call was returned immediately. like within 5 minutes. maybe i should've just ignored my phone-o-phobia & called them from the getgo. anyway, my order is now paid for & i should have my shirts by next week, if not late this week.

i feel a little bad for even having posted any complaints... aside from some slowness replying to emails (which is understandable considering just how busy they have been... they recently got a rush order of 10,000 buttons with a 2-week deadline, which is an insane number of buttons), they have been extremely helpful and courteous, & now that my order is placed & paid for, i expect everything else to move rapidly & efficiently.

just chalk up that previous post to "the aggravations of being a businessman"... dealing with all the frustrations of ordering merchandise & then trying to sell it all is not fun in the slightest, particularly if you are a social leper like me to begin with.

so anyway, i'll have the shirts very soon, all is well between me & my supplier, & i will personally contact those of you who wanted the new shirts as soon as they're in stock.

oh yeah, a few of you already know this, but here's the first official announcement: the new shirts will be glow in the dark!!! rave on, motherfuckers.

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