Wednesday, April 21, 2004

wow, tomorrow is going to hurt. i just got back from celebrating 4/20 at the fucking doormouse show, also featuring anonymous & blaerg.

it's 2:40 am & i'm going to get up 5 hours from now. tomorrow will hurt. but it'll be worth it.

i traded a record & a shirt to doormouse (he & anonymous were pretty into the shirt), & bought a couple more records from dm as well. & speaking of the recycle shirt, unszene was wearing his, so blaerg came up to us & asked which of us was stAllio! (you see, because blaerg had bought one of those shirts online last month). also there were several of us there from the bad taste crew (the muncie crew was also in effect), rather than just me & drbmd, so i socialized more even though i didn't do a whole lot of talking.

i could try to write a more detailed review but for shit's sake it's 2:40am & i have to work tomorrow. suffice to say that everyone rocked, doormouse did an awesome set (with anonymous scratching), & it was worth the $5 cover, worth suffering through tomorrow with little sleep, & easily the best 4/20 i'd had in a few years.

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