Tuesday, April 13, 2004

on sci-fi channel right now there's a movie called the magical legend of the leprechauns that totally appropriates my idea of a war between the faerie & leprechaun from conf story! at the time i wrote it (yes, before this movie was made) i was pretty sure i invented the whole concept of war between those two races.

they didn't take my idea for a play-writing competition to determine leadership. they did take my trite idea of a forbidden romance between the races (obvious as it was), but they did not, however, use the creative twist of a child by that union, infected with a dread disorder known as biggism.

the funny part is that there's a scene in conf story (specifically at 11/16-11/17 in hunter pt 4) where stAllio! goes to see a movie allegedly based on his life then burns down the theater in outrage after seeing it. the movie was fairy tale: a true story, which was a real movie at the time...

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