Monday, April 05, 2004

enough talking about news... let's talk some more about "fan pics" (aka, the phenomenon i posted about last week of "fans" writing your name/logo/domain on their unclothed bodies & posing for photos)

in the most brilliant online sales venture since girls started ebaying themselves off as imaginary girlfriends, a new site called will take custom "fan pics" for you at a low low price! for only $5-10 you can get a pg-13-rated image! now that is cheap! & while they don't post any r- or x-rated images on their site, they do say they will make racier images for a higher price. actually, here's their wording:

The lighter side of all this semi-legal blather is that because we're students and we really need the money, we'll do almost anything for a very reasonable price.

Yeah... anything...

there's no indication of what a "reasonable price" is (what is the running market value for nudie pics featuring your web domain?), but that's a big promise.

i have still not received any fan pics from you, my adoring public (although one very sexy lady has hinted that i'll receive some soon). don't make me hire the naked text people! i want real amateur fan pics; i don't want to have to hire the pros (because you know i'd pay extra for "other parts").

hell, if you're dying to send some pics but are too ashamed of your body, you can even place a nakedtext order for me... or fill out raffle entries for me so i can win a free pic ("risky PG-13 to light R at most"). i mean, i would much prefer real shots of your own body (or your girlfriend, wife, mom, or daughter)... but if i haven't personally seen you naked i'd never really know, right?

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