Tuesday, April 27, 2004

okay, i have a dilemma regarding the girly shirts. i'm not sure whether i should really have any made at all, & if i do, i will probably have to charge more for them.

the place i'll be dealing with is prngraphics. they're a local punk/diy outfit with lots of cred locally and regionally. (they press most of the rock shirts in town & they guarantee their prices)

if you look at their price lists, you'll note that the girly shirts are much more expensive than the normal t-shirts. this is not their fault; ladies' cut shirts are just generally much more expensive industrywide, for whatever reasons (price gouging by the suppliers?). i did find one line of ladies' shirts that was in the price range as men's shirts, but the guy at prng assures me that "it is not a high of quality as American apparel (as far as women's garments are concerned) and the cut of the garment is not as flattering as American apparel which we have found to be a major issue for women as to what they like. If you were wanting to go with it anyway I would recommend getting extra shirts in small or youth L or XL for basically the same thing and cheaper."

i'm inclined to agree that i don't want to spend extra $$ on getting ladies' shirts pressed if they're going to be inferior quality.

so here are my options as i see them:

1. forget about girly shirts, & just go with the run of M-XXL

2. forget about girly shirts but also get some S or even youth sizes for our more petite female fans.

3. get a very small run of the american apparel shirts in assorted sizes (go here for more info about the shirts, and click "garment specs" for sizing info), and sell them for $12 (instead of the $8 i charge for the other shirts, not including shipping)

4. get a small run (like 12 or so) of the american apparel shirts but only in medium/one-size-fits-all & sell them for $10.

would the ladies be willing to pay an extra $2-4 for quality girly shirts? to date only two people have expressed any interest in girly shirts to me... so i'm not sure they're worth getting at all (at least not if there's no demand). but i'm male & i wear baggy shirts anyway, so what do i know?

i would appreciate any feedback from the ladies out there ASAP, as i intend to place my order for the shirts by the end of the week.

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