Monday, January 05, 2004

it's a new year! time for some news updates!

the periodical chuck d once referred to as "150 years of continually fucked-up news" reports about the newest weapon in al qaeda's arsenal: vaginas. the theory is that qaeda wants to plant plastic explosives inside a woman's womb, which she could then detonate while in-flight (note that they did not actually catch a woman doing this). seems like an odd approach, considering that al qaeda generally supports harsh clothing restrictions for women & other sexist policies... so it's taboo for a man to catch a glimpse of a woman's ankle, but it's okay to shove CB4 up her snatch?

there are so many great jokes to be made here that there is not enough time in the day to think of them all (but if you come up with some good ones, that's what my "comment" links are for). i'll just say for now that this gives a whole new meaning to the term bomb ass pussy. expect foxxxxxy brown to release a new version of her song by that name any day now.

moving back to that other front in the war, the story about how the kurds, not the US, really caught saddam has finally started to creep into US & UK news sources, like the scottish sunday herald and the christian science monitor. even fox news has acknowledged the rumor, although unsurprisingly fox attributes the story solely to "a british tabloid" (the sunday express), ignoring the dozens if not hundreds of legitimate media outlets reporting on the story.

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