Thursday, January 29, 2004

i just got interviewed... on soulseek! totally out of the blue. in case you hadn't noticed, the internet age is definitely upon us.

so yeah, i was just minding my own business on the internet when i got a message from a stranger on soulseek. i wasn't going to mention the person's username (for privacy's sake, even though they weren't sharing much & therefore probably aren't going to get sued by the RIAA) but i guess i don't know this person's gender, so i'll just call them Xenom instead of "them" or "hse" or "it"...

anyway, Xenom started off the chat with "i heard some of your tracks and they're great!"... not the first time i've gotten a comment from a stranger like that (not that it happens often, either), but it's always nice when it happens. but i was not expecting the next thing Xenom said:

[Xenom] i work for pulse! magazine would you care describing your creative process for our readers?

that was a first for me (at least the first time in a chat environment).

apparently pulse! is doing 'a small "unknown artists" article' so we chatted for a few minutes about my musical techniques, my upcoming true data 12", & so on. Xenom had never heard of databending before & seemed pretty intrigued by that, so assuming it wasn't all a scam, my guess is i'll make it in the article.

but i had never heard of Pulse! before, & before i got to ask if there was a website, Xenom had logged off. my google searches all seem to be leading me toward tower records... i guess it's a magazine tower puts out? i think i need to ask snuggle wtf it is, but if anyone here has any comments about pulse! i'd love to hear them (hell, Xenom might even be reading... hi there!)

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