Wednesday, June 03, 2009

the swooning of the easily impressed

shorter matt tully: did you see governor daniels on tv the other day? omg he was awesome!!!!!!!~11 i can't wait until 2012 so i can vote for him for president!


Brian said...

I'd love it if Mitch ran, just to see the wingers go nuts. It wouldn't take long until xenophobic, nativist rants started:

But Mitch's parents are from a MUSLIM country! And not just a Muslim country, but an ARAB country! He even supports the scary-sounding Arab-American Institue.

Let's see his birth certificate! And even after we see it, let's empanel citizens' grand juries and indict him for being... i dunno, something.

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Well, whaddya expect from the guy who actually praised Mayor Gomer's first speech to the City-County council, a performance so wretched that, had it been your third-grader's artwork, you'd have been too embarrassed to tape it to the fridge.

In fact, it was so bad that Tully had to come back a week later and say, "Gee, I guess I was wrong about that speech"! Remember? How do you get away with that? What could possibly possess you to do so rather than just cut your own throat at lunch? He might just as well have said, "Well, sorry, but my job here is to write spec pieces for the county GOP, and I guess we miscalculated on that one."

That's the real tragedy. He's smarter than this. He knows that column was a piece of shit ("good evening taxpayers" is a rhetorical masterstroke?). This is the game such people play so they can keep up the mortgage payments. Dunno how it's supposed to fool anyone over twelve.

Wilson46201 said...

Some of Matt Tully's columns bring to mind the word "fawning".