Friday, June 26, 2009

shut it down! or, what a difference a month makes

mitch daniels on may 21 (courtesy shella's blog):

Mitch Daniels has obviously heard Democrats accuse him of a desire to shut down state government if a new budget isn't passed by June 30th.

The governor today called a shutdown "unacceptable" and "completely irresponsible."

"We will not shut down government, we will not shut down the flow of money to schools," he said. He did suggest that a continuing resolution that would keep the current budget in place is a possibility.

mitch daniels, today (again courtesy shella's blog):

Governor Mitch Daniels called reporters into his office on short notice to declare that steps are being taken to shut down state government at midnight Tuesday.

Daniels says that the prisons will operate and state police will stay on the road but most other functions of government will stop.

Unemployment and welfare checks will be issued.

of course, if mitch truly believed that a government shutdown was unacceptable, like he said it was last month, he would be doing everything in his power to prevent it from happening. instead, he's been touring the state to complain about the budget proposal that was passed by the house.

i guess we know where his priorities are. apparently he'd rather pass no budget and shut down state government than pass a budget that looks like the house's version.

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