Friday, June 05, 2009

friday cat bending

some new twists on old techniques this week. for this first one, i copied the green channel of one photo and pasted it on top of another. of course, you could do this much more easily in photoshop, but then it wouldn't be "cat bending", so i did it in adobe audition:


the original image i was working with this week was fairly dark—dark enough that when i ran it through wordpad, it warped so much that it became just a bunch of diagonal lines. since brighter images warp less in wordpad, i decided to invert the image and then wordpad it. and again, i could've inverted it in photoshop, but did it in adobe audition instead just for the hell of it:


then i flipped that image horizontally and ran it through wordpad again:


then i saved it as a new file, flipped it horizontally again, and ran it through wordpad yet again:


then i repeated the process a few more times:




i did keep going even after this, but by that point it wasn't doing anything all that interesting anymore.

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