Monday, May 18, 2009

perhaps they should've waited to hit "publish"

when i saw this story this morning i was amused:

it's a self-shortened indy star story! i mean, what else do you really need to know.

but then, an hour or so later, i came across this masterpiece:

a y We have received an appeal to the plat committee approval for the vacation of Grande Avenue from the Garden City Neighborhood Association That means it will be heard before the Metropolitan Development Commission POSSIBLY by June 3rd.

A request by Allison Transmission to vacate 1,354 feet of Grande Avenue was approved Wednesday by a city plat committee. Nearby businesses and residents opposed the measure, saying the closure from 10th Street to Rybolt Avenue will eliminate a needed shortcut to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The decision can be appealed to the Metropolitan Development Commission.

if nobody had objected to it it would have been done. now it geos before the full comm and b.c its a vacation then its done.
mdc will have final say,

Town officials want to reinvigorate the slumping downtown, encourage economic development and remake the town into a destination. Their plan calls for rerouting and in some cases closing streets, which could include using eminent domain if they can't reach a settlement with property owners.

Property owners at the meeting shared concerns regarding their land being taken, the closing of Georgetown Road from 16th to 25th streets and the closing of Grande Avenue just south of 10th Street. They questioned the intentions and practices of the Speedway Redevelopment Commission and Town Council and whether the plan even has a chance of fulfilling local leaders' grand vision.

i filed it -if peoplein gasoline alley will pursue it t
wer still doing it as assocition -- not sure if it will go forward
we have to see whether they want to invest to handle it appeal
you only got 10 days
thats up to peoe wo have th most to lose to see if they want to fight this

Indianapolis Mt

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