Friday, May 15, 2009

obama's true masters

if you were horrified and dismayed when obama bowed his head to king abdullah, then you'd better sit down before you look at this shocking photo:

yes, president obama showed his true colors when he bowed in obeisance to this small black child. the president of the united states should bow before no one—certainly not some young boy!

perhaps now the media will wake up and start reporting the truth about obama's socialist plan to institute sharia law, or whatever scary thing he plans to do.

hat tip deeky @ shakespeare's sister.


Anonymous said...

you should check your infos : this is what Abdullah loooks like; the real story seems to be that the son of a White House employee wondered aloud whether Obama’s haircut felt like his own haircut and Obama showed him :

stAllio! said...

thank you for correcting my satirical post from three years ago