Friday, May 15, 2009

friday cat bending

there was no catbending last week because publishing problems caused the previous week's catbending to be delayed until monday, and two catbending posts in a week seemed like overbending. now we're back on schedule (fingers crossed):

photshop raw

wordpad effect, non-interleaved file reinterpreted as interleaved

wordpad effect, 8-bit bmp

wordpad effect, interleaved tif

1 comment:

edvard said...

Nice stuff. Your pictures remind me of something called "bitmap player" that I played with a few years ago.
Get it here:
(other great stuff on the same page, especially the Color Tones program)
I found it intriguing to convert a sound file into a cloudy-looking image, paint on the image and then re-load and play it.
Keep bending,