Thursday, December 04, 2008

indy star zen: gay marriage edition

if you use a feedreader and are subscribed to any of the feeds (particularly the "top stories" feed), you've probably noticed an increasing number of stories like this popping up recently:

just a headline, with no story... yet posted on the site and to the feeds, for all to see. i call these indy star zen—kind of like haiku, but without the syllabic restrictions. who needs an actual story when the headline gives you a vague sense of what happened?

sometimes these zen "stories" are humorously poignant. other times they're depressing. and sometimes they're just frustratingly uninformative.

what's particularly odd in this case is that the article is online... right here at and the links on the front page of point to the correct place... just not the feed.

perhaps this kind of thing is inevitable considering the star is going through yet another round of layoffs. but it's happening so often now that it's moved from being funny to being simply pathetic.

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