Saturday, December 27, 2008

dear indy star ed board

dear indy star ed board:

as nice as it might be if the city put a new park in the old market square arena location... i have to wonder, where have you people been living the past year?

apparently the ed board has forgotten that our current mayor thinks parks are a "drain" on the city budget, and put into action a plan to sell off the city's parks. yes, the mayor was eventually embarrassed into postponing that plan, but the fact remains: the mayor thinks parks are a drain, not a benefit.

in other words, there is absolutely no chance that this administration will put a park in the MSA lot. the mayor might decide to build a chinatown there, but there surely won't be a park there while ballard is in office.

thanks anyway, indy star ed board, but you should try reading your own newspaper. if you did, you would've known all this months ago. of course, perhaps you're all distracted by how gannett is dismantling the paper.