Sunday, August 17, 2008

white pages and green spaces

here's a little experiment. if you look up "gregory ballard" in the white pages, you'll only find one indianapolis address. in the interest of privacy, i won't reprint that address here, though it's easy enough to find.

here's the google satellite view of that address. the mayor lives right across the street from a golf course:

if someone paved over that golf course, or chopped down all those trees behind his large back yard, do you suppose he'd notice?

perhaps this is the problem: the mayor's house is so completely surrounded by green spaces that he doesn't understand that some of us live in apartments or houses without yards and therefore depend on neighborhood parks.


Anonymous said...

No, the problem here is that the mayor made lots of promises during his campaign and now realizes that he cant keep them. Remember I can trim $70 million from the budget just by little cuts here and there.......he is in deep doo doo and is too stupid to get out.....and just keeps digger deeper and deeper.

varangianguard said...

You and Tully on the same page. Will wonders never cease? ;)

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