Friday, August 01, 2008

on the fringe


as i did last year, i am again participating in visualfringe, the visual art show attached to indyfringe. this year i should have two pieces hanging at henry's coffee bistro at 627 east street, including the piece pictured above.

visualfringe has an extra twist this year: patrons get to vote on their favorite artwork, and the winning piece will be commemorated in the form of a be indypendent sticker. the show runs through august, but voting only takes place tonight and tomorrow before 5 p.m.

word is that the mayor and city council are about to slash arts funding, so the art community needs your support more than ever. so come on out to fountain square, check out some local art, vote for your favorite, and maybe buy something if you can afford it. (i know i could use the money; i'm planning my wedding.)

p.s. i forgot to mention: fans of databending and glitch art (like my visualfringe submissions) will definitely want to stay tuned, as i'm working on a databending and glitch art primer that will consolidate much of what i've learned from my years of experiments. part 1 is coming soon—it's about the wordpad effect (which i used to create the picture above) and along the way will cover lots of valuable info about bending bitmap image files.

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