Saturday, August 02, 2008

the day the blogosphere broke

it was bad enough yesterday when blogger spontaneously marked a bunch of popular blogs as spam (or "splog"), rendering them uneditable. (the paranoid quickly blamed their enemies, but as usual with such things, the problem should be attributed to human error.)

but then, sitemeter, the popular traffic-tracking service, updated their scripts without properly testing them first, and forgetting about a javascript bug in IE 7. this resulted in many thousands of sites—this one included—becoming unreadable in that browser (firefox and all other browsers are unaffected). this site explains the problem and lists some workarounds. i've fixed this blog so that readers who are cursed with IE can see it, but haven't gone through all the static non-blog pages (music pages and the like) to update those; hopefully sitemeter will fix their scripts so i won't have to.

update: naturally, as soon as i posted about the sitemeter problem, it seemingly resolved itself. so i'm going back to my original code; let me know if you have problems.


Wilson46201 said...

Gary Welsh was very upset about his site being affected -- I'm surprised he didn't try to blame Obama and the Democrats forcing Microsoft to tweak IE so as to censor his raving racist screeds!

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to have my other sites blocked again if it would block the racist and insane blathering of Gary Welch.