Monday, January 07, 2008

recent cd/dvd acquisitions

blade runner: the final cut 4dvd collector edition
i figured this was the best compromise edition between content and price (the 5dvd set comes in an attache case and is like $60+). this comes with the new "final cut" as well as three other previous cuts (original, european, and theatrical), plus the documentary and other stuff. classic film.

death note vol 1 & 2
this is possibly my favorite anime ever! it's so dark and edgy, and it moves so quickly, with never a dull moment.

ween - la cucaracha
back in the pure guava days, ween was my favorite band. i still have my old bomber jacket from those days, with an enormous boognish painted on the back. but i just can't get into their latest couple albums. sure, there are some good songs on there, but they've changed from edgy, weird experimenters into an almost-AM-radio kind of band.

milanese - adapt
i found milanese via and they've really impressed me. they do a style of experimental 2-step jungle/garage that's apparently called "dubstep", and they do it quite well. this is apparently an EP and half of it is remixes, so i guess i shouldn't ordered extend first, but i'll be getting that from aquarius really soon. (my girlfriend gave me an aquarius mailorder gift certificate for xmas.)

venetian snares - my downfall
what can i say about venetian snares? his work is consistently first-rate. however, a lot of his records are just collections of recent madcap breakcore that he's composed. this record is not: it's a follow up to rossz csillag allat szuletett. like that record, this one is full of beautiful strings and insane breaks. this one's a little darker, and arguably not quite as good as rossz, but it's still a wonderful album, and more cohesive as a whole than his usual fare.

various artists - 200
planet mu celebrates their 200th release with a compilation. there's some really cool stuff here, with tracks by cool artists like ceephax, boxcutter, MRK1, and duran duran duran... not to mention venetian snares and milanese, mentioned above. there are a couple lame tracks that i'm forced to skip through, but most of it is pretty listenable. it ranges from relatively experimental yet beat-oriented idm to some surprisingly straightforward mashed-up amen jungle stuff.

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djempirical said...

i don't know milanese, but dubstep is hot. it looks (sounds) like milanese's stuff is more of a hybrid of dubstep and some other stuff.

i very nearly put this record in my top ten this year. if you want to know dubstep, check it out.