Thursday, January 17, 2008

the invasion is over... for now brings us some much-needed good news:

we must not allow the fishes to overtake our upscale lakeside communities! and if we can't beat them in the courtroom, we'll fight them in streets if we have to. humans up, fish down!

seriously, though, i didn't get a screenshot of the actual story before they changed it, but fortunately it still turns up in search results.

and for more hire-some-editors-already fun from the star, try this passage:

According to conversations by officers over police radios, investigating officers were looking into the possibility that something thrown from the fleeing vehicle during the chase was drugs.

hoo boy. the more i reread this sentence, the more problems i have with it.

anyway, sorry for the trivial nonsense, but i figured i should check in every couple days. last i finally got a new replacement crossfader for my mixer, which i've needed for ages, so i've been spending much of my free time working on my next album. (the term album is very '70s, but it seems more fitting than cd, considering it probably won't be released on cd at all, only as an mp3 download.)

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