Saturday, January 26, 2008

miss ann in indianapolis monthly

so i've been seeing comments here and there alluding to the profile of melyssa "miss ann" donaghy in this month's indianapolis monthly. at first i ignored it, expecting another puff piece like the one howey did. but on no...

you might recall that i was one of the first people to blog about miss ann. so in the past few years i've read quite a bit about her and her story. so let me say that the indianapolis monthly article about her is one of the filthiest documents about her i've seen. it's really... "sensational" is the word she uses in the article at one point. i'm honestly astonished that someone who wants to run for congress would allow such an article to appear, let alone participate in it as she did.

on one hand, as a retired dominatrix, it's quite brave of her to be this open in a mainstream publication. i must commend her for that. but holy crap—the portrait painted in this article is not of someone that most people will want to vote for.

i'm only going to quote one passage. this is an excerpt from her version of the encounter between miss ann and the undercover cop, who called himself ron. i repeat, this is her version of the story:

Donaghy then brought out two types of lingerie and told him to pick. Ron chose the gold nylon mesh two-piece. He disrobed, and put it on.

In the meantime, Donaghy had grabbed a dog collar, which she now held in front of him. "A collar not only controls an animal, but it also shows ownership," she said. "When I put it on you it means I own you. Now kiss the collar."

Ron did. She put the collar on him, put restraints around his wrists and told him to bend over. "Now ask me to hit you with this crop."

"Please, hit me."

Donaghy slapped him once on each buttock. Then she asked which part of the session he wanted first: "Humiliation or torture."

Ron chose the former. Donaghy hung him from the ceiling by his wrists, making him stand on the balls of his feet. She smacked his rear with the crop. Then she got in his face. "I'm going to teach you to worship women and treat them the way they should be treated." She berated him for using escorts for their bodies. She took a lipstick and wrote "fuck me" on his chest and "slut" across his buttocks. "How do you feel now?" she asked. "How does it feel to be used?" She clipped wooden clothespins to his nipples and twisted them. Then she told him to stand there, look at himself in the mirror, and think about the way he looked.

She then went upstairs to pay a man for cutting her lawn.

Upon her return, Donaghy began the torture phase. She called Ron "slut," which was to be his name whenever he called or came by The Reformatory. She chained him face up on the table. She rolled an instrument that resembled a cowboy's spur over his body, poking and prodding the bottoms of his feet, the inside of his thighs, over his stomach, and around his genitals. Then she pulled his panties down to expose his penis. "I could cut your dick off," she said as she ran the spiky points up and down his member. "But I won't because I like you."

does that sound like an adult-oriented business to you? she rolled a spur up and down his exposed penis. for money. that's more than you get at the strip clubs, no matter how much money you cough up.

now, i'm not slagging anyone else's kink. maybe the old spur-on-the-penis routine feels pretty good, when done with the right touch. and if people want to pay her to do it, i'm cool with that. but, one, how many congressional candidates can you think of who talk publicly of such things? and two, this story directly contradicts past statements in which she stated that "his genitals remained covered and untouched during the entire session". so either that was a lie or the encounter didn't take place as depicted in the article. which is it?

at one point in the encounter, miss ann asks ron "how does it feel to be used?" as one of her earliest defenders, who readily repeated her lies and self-important propaganda, i must say, it doesn't feel so great.


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Anonymous said...

How about this quote in reference of Peterson's concession speech---

“I want a videotape of the speech,” she continues. “So I can watch it over and over. Then I want to have hot monkey sex to his concession speech.”

Anonymous said...

Well, you sound like someone who has not read the code. City attorney Teri Kendrick admitted to both judge Keele and the press that neither of her businesses met the definition of adult. It was published in a NUVO article.

And what's so wrong about wanting sex to her boyfriend. Peterson trampled her life. That was a big day for her.

No one cannot deny that she's worked very hard for taxpayers and was/is effective.

Anonymous said...

"No one cannot deny that she's worked very hard for taxpayers and was/is effective."

She worked very hard for herself. If her cause du jour hadn't been the tax issue it would have been something else. In the story she gives credit to no one else but herself; like any true narcissistic bully, every one else is just a means to an end.

After you've known her for a few years, come back and tell us how you feel about her.

stAllio! hits it right on the head. This article makes her out to be a drunkard and a liar.

Anonymous said...

"In the story she gives credit to no one else but herself"

I looked on the tax blog to see if it looked like she was self-obssessed and your statement doesn't ring true. I don't see her mention herself anywhere, but her name is listed with a lot of others in the contacts link. I notice the blog mentions a lot of different people and she's rarely mentioned.

She didn't write the article, it was written by a journalist who shadowed her activism for a month. Maybe he was the one in awe of her and reflected in the story.

Here Melyssa publicly credits people who caused the election results:



There are other mentions of persons who had a hand in the success peppered throughout the blog she writes including Indiana Voters League, Gary Welsh, Hoosier Access, Patriot Paul, The Indy Chicken, and others.

I work with her and many people ask her to run or if she's going to run for office. It was not her idea.

stAllio! said...

haven't read the code, huh?

try this: section 732-217(b):

Adult service establishment. Any building, premises, structure or other facility, or part thereof, under common ownership or control which provides a preponderance of services involving specified sexual activities or display of specified anatomical areas.

boldface mine. the cop's penis was exposed. she then touched it. that's an adult service. in fact, she's damn lucky she didn't get arrested and go to jail for it.

as for whether her other business was indeed an adult bookstore, i don't know. it depends on whether the pr0n and sex toys made up more than 25% of her merchandise. at any rate, the "chastity device" she claims was her best seller absolutely fits this part of the description of "adult product" in the code: "a device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs, or for sadomasochistic use or abuse."

Anonymous said...

The code is written about public display, not private. The testimony reads like she did not touch him, but an instrument touched him? Maybe that's the difference.

I was there. The city attorney did admit at the press conference that her businesses did not meet the legal definition of adult. If memory serves that is when the press got irrate and asked why they were there and the press conference broke up.

Did she come to you to solicit you for help? I remember back then she said there was a blogger who was helping, but she didn't know who you are.

The article quotes the undercover report, which she publicly read at The Melody Inn in the winter of 2006. I know she waited a long time to get a copy of that report after the suit was filed.

I have never known her to be a liar and I've known her a very long time. I don't always agree when she wants to push an eduge, but she is a principled woman and thinks things through a long time before she makes her moves.

stAllio! said...

she's a liar. in 2005 she said the cop's penis was never exposed and she never touched it. now in 2008 she says she touched his penis.

in other words, MELYSSA LIES!

for her sake, i hope she never argued in court that she didn't touch his penis, because that would be perjury, which is a felony. however, her old bondage website is gone and the wayback machine doesn't have all of it archived, so i don't really know if she did, or if that was just a lie for the media.

and yes, i was the blogger who helped publicize her story back then. i even foolishly reprinted her lies. but eventually i wised up.

i think the last straw for me was when she hyped the hell out of the audio tape of her session with ron, and then announced it was too boring to release. after that, i'd had enough of her primadonna antics and constant self-promotion.

Anonymous said...

howling with laughter....the old crow is fun to watch though

Anonymous said...

As someone who has known her for years, I keep up with her antics not only because they're entertaining and I enjoy watching such an evil person self-destruct, but to basically keep an eye on her. She is a loose cannon. A basket case. A liar. Whatever cause she supports, it's because the cause supports her. It is all about her desperate need of attention. What can be more sad than an aging alcoholic fool terrorizing people on the Internet? She has wronged people and used people for years. Anyone who doesn't feel about her this way will once they've stuck around and listened to its rants long enough.