Sunday, November 25, 2007

julia has cancer

the big news today, even overshadowing the governor's horrible poll numbers, is the revelation that julia carson has terminal lung cancer. she released this statement yesterday:

In the late summer of 2007, Congress granted me a leave of absence because of my leg infection. My wonderful doctor cured the leg, and I went into rehabilitation, planning to be back in Washington shortly.

Then the second shoe fell -- heavily. My doctor discovered lung cancer. It had gone into remission years before, but it was back with a terminal vengeance.

Therefore, I take this occasion to express my loving and literally eternal gratitude to my friends, including family, constituents and colleagues, who have given me so much love, support and trust. God bless our beloved country.

as tully writes, julia's life was a real american success story: she rose from poverty to a seat in congress, where she was beloved by many of her constituents.

but as much as she is adored, there is a vocal minority that despises her and calls her racist names and other vile garbage at every opportunity. unsurprisingly, these scum are out in full force on the star's talkback forums.

i haven't had much to say about julia's health since she first went into the hospital a couple months back, primarily because i didn't know what was up and i wasn't going to give the julia haters any further ammunition. i know how these things work: whenever a media figure or liberal blogger writes so much as a single sentence that's critical of julia, that sentences ends up quoted, in isolation and out of context, somewhere like advance indiana. it wouldn't matter if everything else in the piece was glowing praise: the haters would latch onto that one critical sentence. and while AI generally prefers to ignore me, i wasn't going to give anyone the chance to use my words for another anti-julia attack.

now that the truth is out, i wish julia the best and hope she can live out her final days in relative peace. one component of this is that yes, she should resign her congressional post. i don't begrudge a dying woman her privacy for keeping her cancer a secret until now, but now that she's gone public with her illness, she should take the next step and resign with dignity. the district deserves someone strong and healthy in that seat, fighting to represent us in congress. and perhaps just as important, julia deserves her rest. she's had a long, successful career, and she's earned a break. terminal cancer is enough to deal with; she doesn't need the stress of politics on top of that.


Wilson46201 said...

The wingnut orgy of glee and delight at the imminent death of Julia Carson has even brought out the ever-charming Melyssa Donaghy at AdvanceIndiana with the following flabbergasting comment:

Melyssa said...

I simply cannot understand why, in the last two years, she purposely deceived the people she represents in my district.

This deception clearly speaks volumes about her innerself. As we get older, particularly close to death, you would think we would have figured out life basics like honor, integrity, and honesty as foundations for our lives...particularly if our lives are spent in service to others.

I just don't get how that important life lesson escaped her.
5:52 PM EST

May God have mercy on Melyssa's tortured soul...

Anonymous said...

yes, does torture me day and night to think of elected public servants who think more of power and their machines than they do of the citizens they serve.

When the president has even minor health scares, we are told. I'm not sure at all why Julia would not be thinking of her constiutents.

Now, I could be wrong about this. It has been suggested that Julia herself is the one who is victimized by those around her in a case of elder abuse.

I do not take delight or glee in her impending death. However, I am relieved that my representative who is unable to perform her duties is soon going to be replaced by someone who will do the job the taxpayers are paying to get done.

Andy Jacobs should be ashamed of himself for lying to us.

Wilson46201 said...

Melyssa: may God have mercy on your soul...

Anonymous said...

10 COMMANDMENT: "Thou shalt not lie."

You are bitter Wilson because you will soon be off her payroll which is where your loyalty lies.

Have you been keeping busy retaliating against the Carson truth tellers? Get anyone new fired from their job lately?

Wilson46201 said...

Hey, I'm not on the Carson payroll - haven't been for years ... I'm pleasantly retired.

Gotten anybody fired? Don't think I ever have done that!

But fabrications and mudslinging is a constant chore for the anonymous nobodies, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"...would have figured out life basics like honor, integrity, and honesty as foundations for our lives...
I just don't get how that important life lesson escaped her."

Pot, meet kettle.

Anonymous said...

Not always in agreement on Melyssa's views or her business, but to insinuate she lies is going too far. She is under no obligation to make any part of her private life public because she is not an elected official. Whether you agree with her or not, she is not known to lie and her words are consistent with her actions. Just because you do not agree with her does not give you license to imply she lies when there is no evidence of it. You can say what you will but she is no hypocrite and displays remarkable courage in the face of adversity.