Saturday, November 03, 2007


my fellow hoosiers, i have a vision. that vision can be summed up with one word: lolcolts.

in an ideal world, the internet would be full of lolcolts. the good news is that this ideal world can become a reality. but i can't do it by myself!

that's where you come in. go out there and make more lolcolts. i have given you a first example above, based on a photo by aj macht. if you need inspiration, go here and then go here. maybe open each site in a separate tag and toggle between them; i don't know. however you do it, go out there and make more lolcolts!

update: here's another to make sure you're on the right track:

thanks to mike for spreading the meme.

2nd update: you can view all my lolcolts posts by clicking the "lolcolts" label below.


Anonymous said...

something like this?

stAllio! said...

that's not exactly the direction i was looking for on this, the day "one of the most anticipated regular season games ever in any sport."

Anonymous said...

Oh, shoot, I was going to do exactly what arratik did.

djempirical said...
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djempirical said...

try again with live link:

how's this?