Thursday, November 01, 2007

biddle story hits fox news/AP wire

the job market for rishawn biddle just got harder, as news of his firing has now hit the AP wire, including

INDIANAPOLIS — The editor of The Indianapolis Star publicly apologized Thursday for what he and community leaders considered racially offensive comments posted by an editorial writer on one of the newspaper's blogs.

Editorial columnist RiShawn Biddle's posting on the online discussion board criticized City-County Council President Monroe Gray, who, like Biddle, is black. The blog, titled "Expresso," referred to Gray and other city Democrats using language that both the Star's editor and elected officials called offensive and unacceptable.

The language has since been removed from the site, and Editor Dennis Ryerson said at a news conference at Martin Luther King Jr. Park that the writer was no longer with the paper. Ryerson declined to say whether the writer was fired or resigned.

the story has now gone national, virtually ensuring that rishawn's name will pop up in dozens if not hundreds of newspapers and news sites across the country (and the net) tomorrow.

on the bright side, the offending post has finally been deleted from the star's servers, where it remained hidden but readable for some 30 hours after ostensibly being "removed".

update: see also romenesko at poynteronline.

2nd update: matthew felling writes this insightful post for cbs's public eye blog.


Anonymous said...

With all due respect, you have good content, but the color scheme? I think you've given me epilepsy.

I have written your URL near the side of my bed. If someone contacts you about why someone was found seizing with your URL next to them, please let them know why.

Jacqui said...

Thank you so very much for you chronology of the RiShawn Biddle drama. I heard it on the 11 PM new and was in the dark. The newscasters kept referring the "c-word". For the life of me I could not come up with a "c" word. Your blog enlightened me.

I too have found RiShawn Biddle a bit on the arrogant side and somewhat anti-gay in his views since LA.

Thanks again; I shall return.

Nano in Indy

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