Sunday, June 10, 2007

i don't give a toss

it feels like i've been waiting for something to inspire me to start blogging regularly again, but whatever i've been waiting for hasn't arrived. we're still averaging only one post every 5 days or so. but at least i haven't been entirely unproductive.

i'd seen camera toss stuff, where you literally throw your camera up in the air while the shutter is open, through one of my regular flickr contacts. but i'd never tried it for myself.

since we now use virago's camera almost exclusively, i figured i might as well get some use out of my old one, which has just been sitting around collecting dust, so if i drop it and it shatters, i won't really lose much.

it took some grumbling and fumbling while i got used to the automatic timer, but eventually i was able to get a few decent shots.

of course, these are just my first few attempts. to really see what's possible with this technique, check out the camera toss poll. there's some amazing stuff there. (for one thing, to get the really good stuff, i'm going to have to wait until it's dark outside.)

there's also a camera toss blog for those interested in reading more.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man Ray used to do this with a running motion picture camera.

Me, I'd only do this with a cheap or a disposable camera, never a good one whatever its age.