Thursday, June 21, 2007

good news/bad news

the good news: girl talk is coming to talbott street in august! i've never been to talbott street so this should be a good opportunity to check it out. girl talk always puts on a great show, and it's been a couple years since i've seen him.

the bad news: the rest of the lineup makes no sense. i might have been willing to check out we are hex (at least they're sort of electro-poppy), but not if i have to sit through those other bands to do so. (if you have to put a disclaimer on your myspace page that you "aren't a pop-punk band, god dammit", you should consider that perhaps you really are pop-punk after all. if it walks like a pop-punk band and squawks like a pop-punk band...)

methinks this is one show where we'll be arriving fashionably late.


arratik said...

the better half & i almost saw girl talk w/pimpdaddysupreme & the lovely anna phlaxis when we visited nashville a few months ago. a combination of exhaustion and inebriation prevented this, sadly...

maybe next time. (i'd say that i won't hold my breath until he plays asheville, but hey, we've had squarepusher, autechre, prefuse 73, and black dice come through here over the last few years, so i guess anything's possible)

stAllio! said...

he's supposed to hit asheville in september.