Tuesday, June 05, 2007

back home again

i've been spending the past few days in kentuckiana for a nice rainy vacation by the ohio river, but i'm back to let you know i can really shake 'em down. some photos from the trip will probably turn up sooner or later in my flickr photostream.

my vacation was relatively uneventful, but a lot of big stuff happened elsewhere while i was gone:

rep "dollar bill" jefferson of louisiana was indicted for soliciting bribes.

bush administration fall guy scooter libby was sentenced to 30 months... but tv newsers seem much more preoccupied with paris hilton going to jail. (the tv talking heads have totally turned on paris, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are the entire reason she's famous in the first place.)

an appeals court ruled that the fcc's recent crackdown on inadvertant profanity is bunk, reasoning that "In recent times even the top leaders of our government have used variants of these expletives in a manner that no reasonable person would believe referenced sexual or excretory organs or activities." in other words, in a world where the vice president tells opponents to go fuck themselves on the senate floor, it's absurd to punish broadcasters for the occasional profanity that slips through.

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